Neural therapy relieves post-gallbladder-surgery syndrome

Patient: 48-year-old female

History: The patient complained of recurrent pain in the upper right part of her abdomen which radiated into the area between her shoulder blades. The pain began a few weeks after surgery to remove her gallbladder three years earlier, and was similar to the pain she had experienced before the surgery.

Physical findings: A physical exam and x-rays showed no apparent cause of pain, such as a bile duct stone.

Interference field: A scar from the gallbladder surgery.

Treatment: Neural therapy was administered, injecting the scar with procaine, a local anesthetic.

Outcome: The pain was gone after three sessions. The first treatment provided relief for four days, the second for two weeks, and the third resulted in a cure.

Comments: Post-gallbladder-surgery syndrome is nearly always caused by an interference field in the surgical scar or by the tissue memory of the gallbladder itself.

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