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This month I would like to share a thought-provoking letter from a newsletter reader, Dr Richard Nahas of Ottawa, Canada. It is so well written and so interesting that I am printing it in full with no editing:


I can barely contain myself.  I need to share this case with someone who can appreciate its significance.  It involves a patient whose left lower leg was amputated after a severe burn turned gangrenous.  He has had chronic phantom limb pain.  I have treated his stump several times with good results, but the pain has always returned.  


Today, I saw him after a 4-5 month absence, and asked him to tell me again where he feels the pain.  While describing his phantom limb pain, it occurred to me that he might have an interference field in the part of his 'body' that is missing.  I was correct.  While there was some weakness over the stump I have treated before, he went totally weak when my hand hovered over an area about 10 inches below his stump, about 12 inches above the point where the surface of his tibia would have been.  When treating him with the LaserCAM, he described warm, pleasant sensations that were unlike anything he had felt during previous sessions.


To me, this is an earth-shaking case that changes the concept of neural therapy forever.  It shows me that these disturbances are energetic FIRST, and their impact on the autonomic nervous system is a SECONDARY effect.  It was a real-life demonstration of Kirlian leaf photography, and was one of those moments that furthered my understanding of the nature of health and disease ... and life itself.


Have you seen such cases before?  Is this common knowledge for you?  Do you have any thoughts to add?


I have never seen a case quite like this before. What makes it most instructive for me is the precision with which Dr. Nahas identified the initial injury and the dramatic effect of precise treatment. (Incidentally, his patient has had a lasting response with only one repeat treatment on the fifth day). And for readers who are not familiar with the "Lasercam", it is the latest generation Tenscam, an energetic tool that can replace procaine injections in most circumstances.

The concept of an "energy field" surrounding the body is not a new one. Many "body workers", especially those practicing Reike use their hands to detect disturbances in the field and to manipulate it with their hands many inches off the body. Osteopaths working at an energy level have similar experiences and can confirm the effect of treatment on the "physical body" by detecting changes in muscle balance, range of motion and body symmetry. Dr Carlos Chiriboga, of Ecuador has also demonstrated to me the capacity of the South American Sintergetica system(See newsletter Volume 6, No. 5) to gather information from the body many inches from the body surface.

At a recent neural therapy workshop that I conducted in Australia, a young osteopath detected an energy disturbance extending at least 6 inches off the surface of the lateral neck and was able to treat it successfully with a Tenscam device.


It is interesting that some in the osteopathic profession are currently attempting to extend the concept of somatic dysfunction to an energetic dimension. Dr Zac Comeaux in the most recent issue of the Academy of Osteopathy Journal (requires subscription) suggests that the neurophysiological-mechanical model of somatic dysfunction that has served osteopathy so well for over 60 years, needs to be updated to include and explain energetic phenomena.


In my opinion a similar re-thinking of neural therapy is needed.The neurophysiological understanding of the interference field and its relationship to the autonomic nervous system explains much of what we see in clinical practice. However the interference field that Dr. Nahas so clearly described cannot be explained in this way and could not be treated by classical procaine injections. (In my experience neural therapy of the amputation scar and/or the associated lumbar autonomic ganglia can be helpful but is not curative.)


Extending our understanding of neural therapy in this way holds out hope for many new therapies. The intriguing results of combining homeopathics with neural therapy (by procaine injections or energetically) supports the concept of illness being not just a disturbance of anatomy or biochemistry, but also a disturbance of the informational aspects of the body's energy field. Homeopathy has of course been functioning at this level for over two centuries.   Neural therapy's unique contribution is it's potential to target that information to exactly where it is needed.


This is a subject that cries out for comments from this newsletter's readership.





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