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A reader has asked about vaccinations and their relationship to interference fields.  Vaccination is a controversial and polarizing subject, and one on which I comment with some trepidation. At one extreme the medical establishment seems to say "The more vaccinations the better!"  On the other hand, homeopaths warn that a heavy price is paid for every vaccination in subtle ways. And in between, is the dilemma of parents having to decide whether, when and how much their young children should be vaccinated.

To make any headway on this subject in a short newsletter, separating out the contentious issues seems to be a good start.  As I see it, vaccinations present four possible reasons for caution:

1.    Overstimulation of the immune system.  This is the observation of
       homeopaths who feel that although some specific immunity may be provided by
       vaccination, the immune system as a whole is weakened making it more vulnerable
       to other more serious diseases.  "Have we traded mumps and measles for cancer
       and leukemia?" - R. Mendelsohn
2.    Vaccines contaminated by viruses during the production process.  This
       occurred on a massive scale with the early Salk and Sabin polio vaccines.
3.    Toxic exposure from adjuvants: heavy metals, organic solvents and foreign
       proteins.  Most adjuvants are preservatives which by definition are toxic. 
       Supposedly Public Health risk:benefit calculations justify their use, but this is small
       comfort for the individual with a genetic susceptibility who has been injured by
       one or more of these toxins.
4.    The "puncture phenomenon".  This constellation of physiological reactions
       occurring after any needle puncture was discovered by a group of Austrian
       researchers under the leadership of Pischinger.  Although it occurs with any
       needle puncture, and not just with vaccination injections, it pertains directly to
       interference fields, regulation and neural therapy.  This subject will be discussed
       in more detail next month.

The first two risk factors are important, but lie outside my area of expertise and will not be discussed here. However the last two deserve careful attention as they are commonly encountered by physicians searching for interference fields and practicing neural therapy.

The vaccine adjuvant receiving the most attention in recent years is Thimerosal, a preservative containing (among other things) organic mercury. Because of an extraordinary increase in prevalence of autism and autism spectrum disorder in recent decades, a link to Thimerosal in vaccines has been proposed. Although a great deal of circumstantial evidence supports the connection, the regulatory authorities still insist that the case is not proven.  However any physician who has had the sickening experience of being told by parents that emotional contact with their child was lost a week after their "two-year vaccinations" hardly needs that proof.

Pressure from autism activists (many of them physician-parents of autistic children) has forced the regulatory authorities in both Canada and the US to eliminate Thimerosal from some children's vaccines, but not all. A list of vaccines still containing Thimerosal can be obtained at

Of course autism is the tip of the iceberg.  Many other problems can arise in vulnerable individuals, although the connection with vaccination may not be made.  I have seen cases of chronic fatigue syndrome and severe (suicidal) depression triggered by vaccinations containing Thimerosal.  That mercury was a causative factor was supported by a positive response to mercury detoxification.  More commonly patients develop less severe symptoms such as arthralgia or flu-like symptoms for a week or two following their "flu shot".  I wonder how many of these reactions are to the preservative and not to the vaccine itself.  

Another practical application of this knowledge comes in autonomic response testing.  Among the reasons for blocked regulation is toxicity of one sort or another.  Faced with unexplained blocked regulation, the patient should always be questioned about recent vaccinations. Although vaccination by itself can block regulation for a time, for patients who are already borderline mercury toxic or who have mercury sensitivity (not the same thing), Thimerosal in the vaccine may be the cause of blocked regulation.

If the patient is already suffering from fatigue, depression or some other manifestation of low grade mercury toxicity, an exacerbation from a Thimerosal containing vaccination may confirm the diagnosis and make easier the decision to remove dental amalgam and undergo a detoxification program.  However if the patient has been in otherwise good health, and simply displays blocked regulation after a vaccination, watchful waiting may be the wiser strategy.  

In summary, adjuvants in vaccines act like all other neurotoxins.  They block regulation, making detection of interference fields more difficult.  And they affect cell membrane stability making treatment of interference fields less effective.   

Next month I will discuss the "puncture phenomenon" and its relationship to vaccinations and to neural therapy.  


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